The Clarifoil® Anti-Fog Solution

  • The Clarifoil® Anti-Fog Solution is a revolutionary and sustainable freezer door film.

  • Energy savings by permanently disconnecting door glass heater 

  • Applied to over 1 million supermarket doors

  • Patented cellulose acetate technology

  • No deterioration or pealing

  • 100% Crystal-Clear Vision

  • Low maintenance

The Q-Sync™ Motor Systems

  • The Q-Sync Motor offers a more financially and environmentally sustainable solution
    and is backed by a 5-year performance guarantee.

  • Smart Synchronous Technology

  • Commercial Refrigeration 

  • Most efficient motor in the industry

  • Most cost effective motor on the market

  • Water-Tight Build IP65 standard

The Cisaplast™ Glass Door-Frame System

  • The Cisaplast™ Glass Door-Frame System has been recognized as a leading international refrigeration door for over 50 years.

  • Wide vision technology

  • Self-closing gravity hinge

  • Pro-Mounted LED ION Lighting from Nualight

  • 50% or more refrigeration savings

  • Higher level of product safety

Aerofoil™ Wing System

  • An industry proven aerodynamic wing system, specially designed for all supermarket open multi-deck cases.

  • 25% refrigeration savings

  • Reduces product shrinkage by stabilizing case temperatures

  • Waterproof wing improves product UPC shelf tagging

  • Warmer shopping aisles for shopper comfort

  • Higher level of product safety


The following is a list of the energy conservation measures performed in supermarkets:

Our Supermarket Specialist Team has national experience designing and implementing special grocer solutions to save energy and improve store profits for hundreds of supermarkets from coast to coast. 

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