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Energy efficiency efforts to reduce your energy intake will not only help in operational energy savings but will play a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and any efforts to reduce your energy intake will not only help in a store’s operational savings but will play a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thus reducing the carbon footprint. 

There are many options to reduce refrigeration costs, save on maintenance and maintain product integrity.  To take advantage of the opportunities, be sure to schedule a free energy audit to find how you can cut costs and make your operations more efficient. 


An Energy Audit is the first step to take toward achieving any energy savings for your market. The great thing about that first step is that there is no cost on your part to invite our Supermarket Specialist Team to come in and conduct a comprehensive survey of your store.  That study includes looking at your refrigeration system, evaporative motors, freezer glass doors, open multi-deck cases and lighting. We do this as an essential business that is trained to find the maximum energy conservation measures that will reduce your annual costs and secure the maximum incentive from your local utility company. We try to design our proposal so that you gain the most benefit and continue saving long after the project has been paid for. 

So, if you are considering any changes that will result in reducing your energy consumption, then invite us in and take advantage of our free audit.


Your initial step is to commit to our free audit.  From there, we take over and conduct a thorough review of your grocery store.  We look at every conservation measure that we know will reduce your monthly electrical bill.  Unique to ABS, Inc. are three major energy solution measures that have been proven to save energy when properly applied.  These measures  have been shown to have no equal in the industry.   

Each one of our energy saving proposals is different and is designed specifically for the individual store owner.  Each one will incorporate one, two or more of the energy solutions described above, depending on the stores need.  That is how we redefine “GreenGrocer”.  We look at each market individually and decide how best to make it more energy efficient, more sustainable and in the end, more “Green”.  You could say that “We Put Our Energy Into Saving Energy”.


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