EV Charging

We’ve partnered with the leader in level 2 EV charging infrastructure and dynamic energy management to deliver a smart EV charging solution designed for your business needs. 

A Universal EVSE Solution

PURPL™ by Atom Power provides a centralized EV charging infrastructure architecture that utilizes patented UL-Listed solid-state circuit breaker technology to charge vehicles. This one-of-a-kind solution transforms EV charging into a simple, scalable, and cost effective solution while maximizing your available energy according to National Electrical Code (NEC) specifications.

PURPL™ Is The EV Charging Solution For Your Business

  • Easy installation with a simple, universal design
  • Centralized architecture design ensures future scale with minimal costs
  • Low maintenance because the high value equipment is not at the port

AMPEDUP!™ NETWORKS EV Management Solutions

AMPEDUP!™ NETWORKS with the dynamism of Atom Power, provides management solutions for the EV driver and property owner. The Charging Station Management System (CSMS), along with an iOS and Android app for drivers, provides flexible solutions to fit the advancement of chargers.


Additional Benefits Include:

  • Power management to protect your electrical service 

  • Complete control over unmanaged charging stations 

  • Integrated demand/response program with your utility company

  • Optimization of energy usage and costs

  • Dashboard displaying analytics and detailed reporting

  • Scheduling, waitlist queuing, and reservation options

  • Multiple memberships per charging station that allow for discount pricing

Our Approach

Trust and reputation are key. Our mission continues to be accomplished as we partner with first-class companies to help our clients receive the best solutions that will increase their properties efficiency, performance, and safety, offering support for routine service assessments to help maintain high level functionality.   

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