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  • Building Automation & Integration

  • Energy Procurement

  • EV Charging Stations

  • HVAC Energy Improvements

  • LED Lighting & Controls

  • Solar Solutions

  • Steam System Optimization

  • Supermarket Special Programs

Building Automation Controls & Integration

Fully programmable and customized controls used for a building’s electrical and mechanical system that help to manage heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).
All to improve a building’s efficiency, security, and overall health.

Energy Procurement

The change of legislation back in the 90s, provides consumers in New England the choice to choose their energy supplier. No hidden fees and no change in reliability. 

EV Charging Stations

EV charging stations for public charging consist of various key components with different power capacity and charging speeds. 

HVAC Energy Imrovements

Improvements to you HVAC system can help prevent expensive repair costs and decrease energy use. Our team can recommend a variety of measures to help increase your HVAC energy efficiency. 

LED Lighting & Controls

LED lighting is one of the most energy-efficient technologies available to consumers and can provide an assortment of benefits that will enhance a buildings performance.
Lighting controls enables energy savings, increase comfort, and may improve productivity. 

Solar Solutions

Trust and reputation are key. ABS offers a complete solar energy solution that is customized to each client.
We put a priority on maximizing our customer’s Return on Investment, stabilizing your electric costs, and lowering your carbon footprint. Switching to solar is a financial and environmental decision every business needs to consider.

Steam System Optimization

Steam System Optimization can permanently eliminate the need for steam traps and substantially reduce steam usage and carbon footprint.
Other benefits include virtually maintenance free operation and steam system safety. 

Supermarket Specialty Program

Redefining “GreenGrocer” – Our Energy Solutions team offers full-service, design-build, with focus on the special retail needs of grocers and includes:
– LED Ambient Lighting Design
– LED Accent Merchandising Design
– Q-Sync™ Motors
– Clarifoil® Freezer Door Film
– Cisaplast™ Glass Door-Frame System
– Aerofoil-Energy shelf-edge air-guiding technology

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