The ABS Energy Edge Procurement Program

This Energy Edge Procurement Program is a process of sourcing energy needs and helping organizations understand and make informed decisions on which supplier to contract with that will best suit their needs within an ever-evolving market.

We partner with our customers to help them manage their energy expenses because we care just as much about your bottom line as you do. 

The ABS Energy Edge

We’ve pursued the same goals since the beginning by placing our energy into saving our customers energy.

In addition to optimizing the building’s energy consumptions, the ABS Energy Edge allows owners to take advantage of our expertise in securing better electric and gas rates.    

Electricity & Natural Gas Deregulation

As of 2021, 26 US states are able to offer some form of energy choice as a result of Energy Deregulation.

Due to evolving markets, ABS is able to compete favorably throughout the deregulated markets to ensure that our energy rates for our services are the most competitive in the industry. 

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